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Canada's top Medical Billing Data Entry Specialists

We offer high-quality medical billing data entry services to help you store huge volumes of daily data safely. We provide administrative and clerical support to our clients in the healthcare sector. The central function of the job is to store data in a health information system and manage the digitized data for record tracking. We possess the computer and digital skills that medical billing data entry services require.

Save 30 to 40% on Your Operational Costs with Our Services

Outsourcing your medical billing data entry tasks to us will help you spend less and gain more. As compared to hiring a full-time employee for this job, getting our services will allow you to pay only for what you need and stick to smaller budgets. Our professional-level data entry services are based on our excellent attention to detail, strong writing skills, ability to perform repetitive tasks accurately, and ability to work with minimal guidance.

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Our Medical Data Entry Services

  • PATIENT RECORDS: We can help you save patient records on a computer through fast data entry.

  • DEMOGRAPHIC ENTRIES: We will gather and enter the patient's demographic details such as name, age, Insurance ID number, and location.

  • HOSPITAL RECORDS: Using data entry software to keep a record of all activities in the hospital, including immunization dates, lab data, medical history, patient records and more.

  • LABORATORY DATA: We use software to store laboratory data of all the patients tested in labs; this helps you quickly access data anytime.

  • MEDICAL INSURANCE BILLING FORMS: Data entry is used to keep track of medical insurance billing forms so that insurance companies can be billed.

  • SURGICAL TREATMENT RECORDS: Surgical treatment records are maintained to prove that procedures were performed humanely and by appropriately trained professionals.

  • PATIENT DETAILS AND CHART INFORMATION: All relevant details to a patient's health, family history, medication and other provided services are saved digitally to help all the health officials access them anytime.

  • TEXT AND NUMERIC DATA ENTRY: We can help you with text and numeric data entry - without a worry, you can outsource these tasks to us.

  • CHARGE ENTRIES: Keeping a record of financial transactions is vital for an organization's smooth functioning.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Our data entry company employs qualified specialists with years of experience in high-quality data entry services. Our error-free data entry services ease the workflow in healthcare settings. Various healthcare organizations, including healthcare corporations, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical enterprises, doctors, and medical health insurance payers, use our effective medical data entry services. Contact us today to get remarkable medical data entry services, including medical claims and medical billing outsourcing.