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Bookkeeping, data entry, receivables, tax preparation, and payroll are parts of the business that you might not enjoy. Despite that, these tasks are necessary to your business' success. You do not have to suffer through your bookkeeping by yourself just because it's necessary. Outsource the finances to a virtual assistant, so you can focus on what you do best.

A bookkeeping assistant is someone who is able to handle a wide range of booking-keeping tasks. With today's technology, a virtual assistant would be able to accomplish the same tasks as someone in-house.

By hiring a part-time or full-time virtual bookkeeping assistant, you can speed up your bookkeeping work by outsourcing the work to our team of VA’s.

Those boring bookkeeping tasks that your employees hate doing can be handled by your new bookkeeping assistant. Employing virtual assistants is far more affordable than hiring full-time employees.

Let us provide you with an effective VA partnership that you can rely on.



Get help managing your financial records

It is difficult to hire people to perform data entry and repetitive tasks because they most hate them. It takes a lot of resources to hire, train, and replace employees in most businesses, which wastes resources.

The decision to spend money on staff should be strategic. Companies in Canada are facing a labour crisis, where it is difficult to find and retain employees.

Human resource managers complain about wasting time scheduling interviews with people who don't show up.

We can take care of the stress for you. Your Bookkeeping VA can do the following and more.

  • ENTREPRENEUR BOOKKEEPING: Need bookkeeping for your startup business? Partner with someone you can rely on to help you build your business from the very beginning. It is important to have a bookkeeper on your side as you grow your business, manage upcoming expenses, and attract investors.

  • SMALL BUSINESS BOOKKEEPING: Bookkeeping for small businesses has its own set of needs and challenges. Small business owners can benefit from our virtual bookkeeping services because we have extensive experience helping small business owners navigate their books and take charge of their finances, preparing them for future success.

  • CORPORATE BOOKKEEPING: Our virtual assistant bookkeepers have experience in corporate bookkeeping and can take care of data entry, receivables, collections, and more. You can count on timely, fast communication; attention to detail, and reliable accuracy.

If you are close to hiring burnout, contact Virtual Workers for help. With us, you'll get more time back in your day by outsourcing the stress.


Stress-free bookkeeping services with Virtual Workers

Imagine working on projects uninterrupted. When you run a business, you'll also have to handle calls, deal with issues that arise, handle social media, and do other tasks. Want to avoid all that? When you delegate your administrative tasks to your administrative assistant, you can concentrate on the most productive tasks of the day.

The following tasks can be performed by a virtual marketing assistant:

  • Office administration

  • Data entry

  • Reporting

  • Setting appointments

  • Following up

  • Email management

  • Booking travel

  • Arranging events

  • Client relationship management

  • Research

  • Taking notes

  • Writing documents



Make Your Business A Success

Hiring a full-time bookkeeper means you have to pay benefits, bonuses, and having to pay someone to be at work if they are not productive. Plus you also have to consider vacation time and the onboarding period that is required for your new employee to familiarize the new employee with the way the business operates.

In contrast, a VA works differently. Usually, they have the freedom to set their own schedule since they can work full-time or part-time. This enables them to be more productive. Ultimately, you save money.

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