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An administrative assistant is someone who is able to handle a wide range of office tasks. However, in today's digital world, it's entirely possible to hire a virtual assistant and get the same amount accomplished.

By hiring a part-time or full-time virtual administrative assistant, you can speed up your administrative work by outsourcing the work to our team of VAs.

Those boring data entry tasks that your employees do not want to perform can be handled by your administrative assistant. Employing virtual assistants is far more affordable than hiring full-time employees.

Let us provide you with an effective VA partnership that you can rely on.



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Many entrepreneurs and business owners have trouble hiring staff to do data entry and repetitive tasks because the staff hate it with a passion. Many companies end up in a cycle of hiring, training, and replacing employees which wastes your resources.

What are you worth per hour?

What is your time worth?

It’s time to get strategic about investing your money into staff. We have a labour crisis in Canada where companies can’t find and retain staff. Plus many complain about all the time wasted setting up interviews with people who don’t even show up.


Don't get swamped with many administrative tasks

The problem with hiring staff for data entry and repetitive tasks is that they hate it with a passion. Many businesses end up in a cycle of hiring, training, and replacing employees, which wastes resources.

Spending money on staff should be a strategic decision. Canada is experiencing a labour crisis where companies are struggling to find and retain employees. People also complain about all the time wasted scheduling interviews with people who do not even show up.

Consider outsourcing the stress to us. Your administrative VA can do the following and more.

  • Daily office tasks: Your calendar, your files, your email inbox, your phone management system—all these tasks can be handled by a dedicated virtual assistant. The virtual assistant can help you as long as your office tasks do not need to be handled on-site.

  • Scheduling and travel arrangements: Planning a conference in a few months? Have your virtual assistant handle it. Want to follow up with a client who missed a meeting? Your virtual assistant can keep track of your schedule. A virtual administrative assistant can help you become more productive if you spend too much time managing your own calendar.

  • Remote office management: Despite the fact that your virtual administrator cannot be there to set up the conference room table, there are still a lot of things in the office that can be handled remotely, such as bookkeeping, invoices, and managing expenses.

If you are close to hiring burnout, contact Virtual Workers for help. With us, you'll get more time back in your day by outsourcing the stress.



Benefits Of Virtual Administrative Assistance

Imagine working on projects uninterrupted. When you run a business, you'll also have to handle calls, deal with issues that arise, handle social media, and other tasks. Want to avoid all that? When you delegate your administrative tasks to your administrative assistant, you can concentrate on the most productive tasks of the day.

The following tasks can be performed by a virtual assistant:

  • Office administration

  • Data entry

  • Reporting

  • Setting appointments

  • Following up

  • Email management

  • Booking travel

  • Arranging events

  • Client relationship management

  • Research

  • Taking notes

  • Writing documents


How Virtual Workers can help you with Administrative tasks

Benefits, bonuses, and paying someone to be at work if they are not productive are all part of full-time employment. A schedule of vacation time and an onboarding period is needed to familiarize the new employee with the way the business operates.

A VA, on the other hand, works differently. Since they can work full-time or part-time, they usually have the freedom to set their own schedules. As a result, they are usually more productive. Saving you money in the process.

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